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QQT Supplier Collaboration Introduction

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain finance. Base on purchasing-supply business, providing supply chain finance services for small enterprise, which will improve the stability of supply chain.

Mainly contains the following functions:

  • There are several kinds of supply chain finance products to adapt different business scenarios, including QLT, QBT, QPT, QRT, etc.
  • QQT finance system can access authorized transaction data base on the integration with the trading system used by customers.
  • Risk management. Purchasers can check suppliers’ qualification and then decide whether or not to sign the contract. In the same time, the system will make a scientific evaluation on suppliers through built-in multi-dimensional risk-control modules.
  • Configurable release mode for financial products. It Provides a flexible, real-time, personalized way to release financial products. Each enterprise can choose the appropriate one according to their own conditions.
  • Suppliers can apply, bid online that makes core enterprises benefit maximization.
  • Examination and approval of application of financial products,, track the loan and supervise repayment.
  • It offers several analysis reports that play a role in controlling business risk, calculating profits and analyzing business.