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  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Finance

QQT Contract Management Introduction

Project Management

Project management, supports project process management during the project-based business and supplier collaborative management. Including:

  • Project definition, includes project code, name, manager, begin time, end time, project type, etc.
  • Project structure, including multi-level WBS, supports project template copy or EXCEL template import.
  • Project plan management, includes begin and end time of multi-level projects, timeline, required resources, etc.
  • Project budget management, includes total budget and item budget, is a way to control budget during project executing.
  • Project purchasing management. Purchasing requirements are triggered by projects, and are collected automatically. And then, by sourcing, purchasers can create purchasing contracts and orders.
  • Material management, contains receiving, inspection and picking management, and business documents management that every document is linked to projects.
  • Project schedule management. It allows that reporting progress dynamically with completion schedule or photos. In addition, it also supports that completing and reporting progress through mobile devices.
  • Project cost Monitoring, is a way to examine project cost and actual expenses against budgeted expenses.
  • Project appraisal, includes multi-dimensional evaluation of plan, schedule, budget, cost of the project and so on.