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Sourcing&purchasing Introduction


Sourcing&Purchasing: provides several approaches to find new or qualified suppliers.

Mainly contains the following functions:

  • Purchasing information release. It needs purchasers to put forward the purchase requisitions, collect them and then make procurement schemes, release the purchasing information through QQT platform at last.
  • Connected with external e-commerce platform, such as 1688, JD, and so on. Purchasers can also release their purchase requisition to these e-commerce platforms to get wider range of purchasing resource.
  • The system allows Suppliers to ppost information about enterprise and related products online, to help buyers find the relevant suppliers convenientl.
  • Purchasing by comparing price. Purchasers can create inquiry sheets and send them to suppliers after approval. In an inquiry sheet, the system will choose all the qualified supplier by default. Purchasers can add or remove anyone. There are also several inquiry modes available to choose, such as material inquiry, service inquiry, market quotations inquiry and so on. Suppliers will promptly gain the inquiry sheet and can quote through mobile devices. During this process, both sides can communicate about price issues online. The system provides different ways to compare price. Therefore, Purchasers can visually see comparisons of different suppliers’ quotation to the same material, historical purchase price and market quotes, etc. Besides, if an inquiry sheet contains several items, suppliers no need to quote for the all. Instead, they can choose anyone to quote.
  • Tendering and bidding. Purchasers can choose a way, open bidding or selected bidding, to issue a bidding, in order to realize supplier qualification management. Full process management contains drafting and issuing bidding document, bidding, bid opening, negotiation, evaluation, determining and clarification. In addition, the system allows to make a multi-bid-stage bidding and provides different bidding strategies, the lowest price bid winning, comprehensive bids evaluation, consultation bidding, etc. During tendering and bidding, each operation is transparent and standardized.
  • Online auctions: support the entire auction process including: pre-bidding, issuing bidding, bidding, and bidding approval. Auction with limited time, suppliers will quote price online several times.The buyer will release the price and ranking of suppliers, performing a real auction between the suppliers; providing multiple forms of bidding, and partial pricing, providing multiple strategies offerring the lowest price, lower than the previous bid.
  • Catalog purchasing, which is available for purchasing low-priced consumables or standard parts. The system supports creating procurement catalog and multi delivery address management. Moreover, it has already realized to connect with JD and other platforms. According to the rules, it will create purchasing orders and match different delivery address automatically.
  • All sourcing and bidding business, purchasers and suppliers can communication online. What’s more, the system has already to realize the integration with ERP and OA system.